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SnoreZip Review 2021


This product review was uptated on January 2021


This product is an homeopathic spray made out from different natural ingredients. In order to use it you have to spray it under your tongue twice during the day.

It is kind of weird to see this kind of products connected with snoring, but SnoreZip was design to reduce snoring.

What Is Inside The Bottle?

First of all, let me explain a little what homeopathy is. It is a method used by a lot of people around the world which consists in giving the body the same substances that is actually causing the illness, in this way, you are stimulating your body to heal itself in a natural way.

To be honest, nobody knows what is exactly in the bottle. I asked them and searched on different webs and nobody has a clue. We are supposed to get that information once it is delivered, because all edible substances must have a label indicating content. And this is by law.

Anyway, I am sure it is not a big deal. If this formula had something dangerous in it, it would not be out in the market, you only have to buy it to get to know the ingredients.

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This secret spray aims to:

  • Increase the flow of oxygen
  • Break up mucus
  • Induce a deep sleep

So, we do not know the ingredients but we do know what they are supposed to accomplish: braking up mucus and increasing oxygen flow. Maybe, what they really mean is that when your nose is clear you allow the entrance of more air into your body.

The information that is available on the official website is kind of inaccurate. I cannot resolve how a spray can help you to increase the flow of oxygen in your body, so I am going to focus on breaking up mucus part.

Breaking Up of Mucus


There are people that snore because they have a stuffy nose so the easiest solution for those people is clearing their airway thus lessening snoring.

The amount of people that accredit snoring to their nose is relatively small though. Snoring is usually a bit more complicated than that as it involves other parts of your body. But if you only suffer of a stuffy nose, then SnoreZip may help you out.

I mean, there are plenty of people who have a regular nasal congestion and they can be treated by using homeopathic substances but I do not think snoring is the main target here. It will obviously help, but so will an aspirin.

Alternative therapies are very popular nowadays, you can even find a homeopathic section in drugstores. If you want to, you can talk with your local pharmacist to see the different solutions to a stuffy nose.

If they own a homeopathic section they will be able to help you to clear your doubts about this product and maybe they know what the active ingredients in this substance are. Maybe they offer you their own product, I would personally not risk to buy something I do not know what is made of.

High Cost

SnoreZip review

To be a product made by natural ingredients, I think it is really expensive. You can order it now from the official website for $60. Shipping and handlings are not included. They offer discounts if you want to buy several bottles, the more you order the lower is the price. But, as I said before, we do not know what is inside! So I do not recommend you to buy five bottles only to get a discount.


You only should consider this product if you have chronic nasal congestion. And if you do, have you seen a specialist yet? Because if you have not you should do that first. If you already have and you are under some kind of treatment, you can check SnoreZip official website to have a complete picture of the product.

I personally think it is not worth to spend money on a mystery spray. There is not information about its ingredients and it is kind of expensive just to buy it and the see if it works.

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What Should I Do?

Once again, you are the only one that has an idea of what works for you. You know your own medical condition and history, so you have everything in your hands to make the right decision.

I think my opinion about SnoreZip is very clear. But, maybe I am just suspicious, we are all different so my thinking does not have to mean that you should not try this product as maybe it works for you.

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