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Snoremeds Review 2021

This product review was uptated on January 2021


As any other Mandibular Advancement Device, Snoremeds was design in order to put your lower jaw in a forward position while you sleep. This prevents snoring sounds from happening.

There are actually several mouth pieces on the market nowadays, so you have a wide variety to choose.

Mouth pieces are proven to work because by holding your jaw forward, the airway, which is behind your soft palate and at the back of your mouth, will be kept unblocked and enlarged, thus snoring sounds are not likely to happen at all. Mouth pieces are the most used anti-snoring devices because of its well-known effectiveness.

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Why Is It Necessary To Move My Jaw Forward?

Depending on the device you choose, mouth pieces can help you to eliminate or to reduce snoring. But it obviously also depends on the cause of snoring. You can try if you are a suitable candidate to use a MAD by only moving your lower jaw forward and try to snore.

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You will feel kind of a widening of your windpipe. This widening keeps the airway clear so there are no tissues producing vibrations.

Is My Tongue Involved In The Snoring Process?

Absolutely. In fact, all the muscles of your mouth, nose and throat are involved. When you fall sleep all the muscles of your body relax, including your tongue.

When relaxed, your tongue might fall back blocking the airway and producing vibrations known as snoring sounds.

As the soft palate also collapses, the pressure against the airway is too strong. There are also all kinds of relaxed tissues flapping around so vibrations start involuntarily.

The most common method to stop relaxation inside your mouth is using mouth pieces to reposition your jaw. But for some people this is not enough.

Custom Fit

As most MADs which are currently in the market, Snoremeds also uses the boil and bite method in order to achieve a custom fitting. Designers used a hypoallergenic thermoplastic in order to produce it, so when you put it in water that has just been boiled, it softens up.

When you remove it from hot water, you have to insert it in your mouth and bite. By doing this Snoremeds will take the form of your upper and lower teeth. It is very simple to do, but there are a few things to have in mind in order to do it properly:

  • Time is of essence. Always follow the instructions strictly. If it says leave it in hot water 30 seconds, it has to be 30 seconds, not 60. Not controlling timing may result in an incorrect fit.
  • You need a spatula (Snoremeds provides you one) to take the mouth piece out the hot water. Do not use your hands because the thermoplastic used to make this product absorbs the heat. You also have to be careful placing the hot piece of plastic into your mouth.
  • You have to bite firmly and decide how far to move your jaw forward. If you move it too forward, you will feel it uncomfortable and it will cause you terrible soreness in the morning. If you do not move it forward enough, it may not be effective.

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You can try the whole custom fit twice though. So if you do not like the fitting the first time you are trying, you still have one more chance.


It is in the market for a really fair price, it is actually very cheap. You can get a single pack for only $29.99 and you can get double packs for $38.99. There are also four packs for $44.99, only 11,25 each!. Most mouth pieces are a little higher than that.

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It lasts around four or five months, so the packs are very useful and offer huge discounts. By buying any pack you will not need to be replacing it. It is not made of the strongest material, so it will eventually soften up and become useless.


Its price makes Snoremeds very attractive. It is quite a regular mouth piece. If you have never used a MAD to stop your snoring sounds before, you can try Snoremeds to see if mouth pieces work in your specific case.

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I personally think it is not the best product that is currently on the market but the price is good if you want to try it. Remember that you must know the factors that make you snore to choose a product wisely.

What Should I Do?

You are the only person who knows what the exact answer is. You must find the cause of your snoring and test different products to find out which is the best product for you.

Trial and error is the only method to learn. It is a regular mouth piece. I would recommend it to beginners.Take your time and choose wisely. There are several products that may solve your problem.

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