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SnoreMate Review 2021


This product review was uptated on January 2021


This product was released in 1999. In the official website, it claims that its success rate is of %80. This anti-snoring product owns the classification of mandibular advancement device (MAD) so what it basically does is to move your jaw forward so as to unblock the airway. By unblocking the airway, snoring sounds are not produced. MAD has been used as an effective anti-snoring product for almost three decades.

Product Details

When taking a closer look to the SnoreMate mouth piece, you will find it very similar to those mouth guards that are used in the sports industry. You can mold it, so that is a pretty good feature. You just have to heat it and achieve a perfect custom fit. It is made of some kind of thermoplastic, so once molded, it will fit perfectly inside your mouth. You have to place it around your gums and over your teeth.

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Its design is very simple, so cleaning the SnoreMate mouth piece is really easy too. There are no crevices, so bacteria will absolutely not be lodged in this product. Remember to clean it daily, anyway, it is placed inside your mouth, so although you will not get to see them, bacteria will be everywhere.

There is something I do not like about this product though. Most mouth pieces have an air hole that provides a good administration of oxygen to mouth breathers, but SnoreMate does not have this feature. According to SnoreMate’s official website, it does not have air holes because it could result in side effects such as airway dryness or noise. So, if you breathe through your mouth because of a deviated septum or nasal polyps, stop reading this review because this product will not be suitable for you. Only nose breathers will be suitable candidates for using SnoreMate.

It is not recommended for children, and so are MADs in general. You cannot hold a children’s jaw forward because you would mess sup the whole teeth development. It cannot be used by people using dentures, bridge works, crowns, braces or any teeth issues either.

Easy Molding

SnoreMate uses the boil and bite method, it is used by most mouth pieces that allow a custom fit. It is really easy to do anyway, all you need is a pot and two small bowls. Below you will find some simple steps:

  • Fill one bowl with cold water and ice and save it for later.
  • Boil water in the pot. When it is boiling, remove it from heat and pour it into a bowl so SnoreMate can be completely submerged in it.
  • Hold the tab and submerge SnoreMate for about 12 seconds to soften the material.
  • Now place it inside your mouth so that your jaw is in a forward position.
  • Bite down to suck out the air. You can press your lips and cheek against the inside and also use your tongue. This will help you to achieve an even more perfect custom fit.
  • Remove it from your mouth.
  • Place it in the bowl with ice water for a few seconds. This will speed up the molding process.
  • Now try it to see if it feels comfortable inside your mouth.

I would not remove the tab after using it for a whole night just in case. If after one night of use you do not feel it right, you would still have the tab if you want to repeat the molding process.

What About Effectiveness?

According to SnoreMate’s official website it has 80% effectiveness. I trust these figures; I personally think they are pretty realistic comparing them to manufacturers of similar products claiming 99% of success rate.

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However, they do not tell you that they make this estimation based on the number of products that have been returned. I personally do not think that every unsatisfied client returns a product, but fair enough.

Do not believe everything you read anyway. A product with 99% effectiveness will might not be suitable for you. You need to know the factors which make you snore before buying a product. If you know mouth pieces help you, then SnoreMate is likely to be effective too. It offers a 30 day guarantee in case you are not satisfied, so there are not risks if you only want to try it.

What About The Price?

SnoreMate is actually surprisingly cheap compared to other similar products. You can order it for only $36.99 and you can order 2 for $44.99. Huge discount. No shipping charges whatsoever.snoremate review

What About The Lifespan?

Mouth pieces do not last forever, they all have wide ranges of lifespan though. Some of them last only 3 months and some of them last 15 months. Material is a very important feature regarding lifespan.

Unfortunately, SnoreMate’s lifespan is a little short. According to the official website, you have to replace it every four months or so because it will stretch out, so it will stop to be effective.

Pros and Cons

Before taking a decision, read these lists with the advantages and disadvantages that I found in SnoreMate.


  • It is made of thermoplastic and it is very comfortable.
  • If your purchase two, it will last 8 months and you will pay only 22.50 for each.
  • It offers a 30 days guarantee.
  • It also prevents teeth grinding.
  • Uses the boil and bite method, which is very simple.
  • It has a high success rate (80%)


  • Not suitable for mouth breathers as it does not have any air hole.
  • Not suitable for those that have any teeth work.
  • Its lifespan is really short.
  • There is not information about BPA or FDA.
  • You will experience soreness and drooling the first days. But this is something that happens when you use any new mouth piece.

Users Comments

Most users state that they have found SnoreMate effective. There does exist a group of users saying it did not reduce snoring, but it is a small group, really.


Compared to other manufacturers, its website has really honest information about the product regarding its success rate. It helps people to have realistic expectations, I really liked this fact.

The life expectancy is too short, but it offers a huge discount if you decide to buy two, so it still cheaper than most mouth pieces in the market and it is still a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, people using their mouth to breathe and people with teeth works will not be able to use it.

I think SnoreMate is a great option to mild to moderate snorers. It is really one of the most effective and cheapest products that are currently in the market. I would also recommend this product for those who will try is anti-snoring mouth piece for the first time.

If you want something more sophisticated with higher effectiveness, I suggest you to take a look to my ZQuiet Review. It is actually more expensive but it is a product of advanced quality that has some amazing features. Its material is BPA and Latex free, it is very comfortable and you can use it right after unpacking it. No molding process needed.

Mouth breathers can use ZQuiet and it allows mouth movement, so you can actually talk and sip water as it was made using Hinge Living Technology. It cost $59.95 but it offers a trial period of 30 days. So you test it and then you but it. Shipping is around $10.

What Should I do?

You know your causes of snoring and the way your snore, so you are the only one that can answer this question. I think SnoreMate is not the best product in the market, but it is not the worst either. It is great for beginners or moderate snorers. There is nothing to lose by trying, you can give it a chance.

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