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Snoreless Pillow Review 2021


This product review was uptated on January 2021


Snoreless Pillow looks like a regular pillow with kind of a profundity in its central area where you are supposed to rest your head. So, by placing your head in this indent, the rest of the pillow surrounding this profundity will support your neck.

This pillow has the same intention than mouth pieces, which is to reposition your jaw forward. When doing this, the airway is kept unblock so snoring sounds are not likely to happen.  The indent in the central area of the pillow was specifically designed to keep free your airway while sleeping on your back or on your side.

If you rest your head on your back, this pillow will slightly tilt your head moving your lower jaw forward. But I do not fully understand how this pillow is supposed to work when you sleep on your side.

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Toss and Turn

We all move while we are sleeping, or at least most of us does. So it is clear to me that one of the main problems with this pillow is not how it mysteriously helps you to reposition your jaw, but how effective this product is if you are looking for a durable solution.

snoreless Pillow review

I mean, we all move while we are sleeping and this pillow was designed to reduce snoring either way you sleep but honestly, I do not understand how it can reposition your jaw if you are sleeping on your side. You would have to buy it to see how it effective this system really is.

Customer Care

Well, after reading all the information that is in the official website of the Snoreless Pillow I found out that there is no way you can return this pillow if you are not happy with its results. They say that as it is a personal product, they can risk refunding such a personal item.

This is very interesting because I tried several snit-snoring products within the same range of price and they all offer either refunds or trial periods.

And I am talking of mouth pieces, is there anything more personal that a piece of plastic inside your mouth? I do not think so. Most manufactures of mouth pieces offers trial periods and refunds so it does not make any sense to me whatsoever.

Besides, in the official website they say that they do offer you a 7 years guarantee in case you see any manufacturer defect. So you can return your 7 years old pillow and get a new one.  This is confusing and contradictory.

I do not understand how it is supposed to work and I do not understand what the deal with the transmission of diseases is. But, if 7 years after purchasing it you notice that there is a manufacturer defect, remember where you put your receipt and the original packaging, or they will not accept your return. And now that I am talking about returns I think I should point out that shipping would be at your expense.

It seems customer service is not a top priority of this company, so it is up to you to trust them. It seems they do not want to deal with claims at all.

No independent nor clinical tests were performed in this product either, so you are virtually by yourself.


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Snorless Pillow is only one option more of all the anti-snoring pillows that are currently in the market. It is not expensive but it is not cheap either. There are more reliable pillows at the same price. Shipping and handling make it expensive though, as in total it would surpass the $100 range.

If you are looking for an anti-snoring pillow, I would really analyze the advantages of buying this product if I were you.


This is a really important point in anti-snoring pillows because if they are note confortable, it does not matter how effective they are because you will end up with a sore neck or a ruined sleep.snoreless Pillow download

This pillow is comfortable, so you have a positive point about the Snoreless Pillow. Every comment I found in the internet stated that this is a very comfortable pillow and there are also people that say that this pillow does reduce snoring.


The Snoreless Pillow is comfortable, so you will get a good sleep, but I found it expensive just to buy it to see if it works.

If I were you I would spend the same amount of money on a product with proven effectiveness and a serious customer care service.

What should I do?

Well, you are the only person that knows better how your body works. The Snoreless Pillow may be effective for you, so follow your instinct. If you are not fully convinced, do not worry! There are plenty of anti-snoring products in the market, you will eventually find the right product for you.

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