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Thera Snore reviews

TheraSnore Review

Jun 08, 2015No Comments

Sleep is very important for all of us. If we do not get enough sleep our body and our brain cannot work properly. Snoring may be common but it is a pretty much serious issue as



SleepTight Review

Jun 08, 2015No Comments

Sleep Tight is an oral device designed to prevent snoring. It has been released in 2014 and gained a lot of popularity since. As any other snit-snoring mouth piece it is considered a Mandibular Advancement Device

snoreless Pillow

Snoreless Pillow Review

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

This product looks like a regular pillow with kind of a profundity in its central area where you are supposed to rest your head. So, by placing your head in this indent, the rest of the


SnoreMate Review

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

This product was released in 1999. In the official website, it claims that its success rate is of %80. This anti-snoring product owns the classification of mandibular advancement device (MAD) so what it basically does is


NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator Review

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

This product is kind of an anti snoring tube that you have to place inside your nostrils while you sleep. It was designed to be worn internally. It is made from medical grade silicon. Its design

Snoremeds Review

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

As any other Mandibular Advancement Device, Snoremeds was design in order to put your lower jaw in a forward position while you sleep. This prevents snoring sounds from happening. There are actually several mouth pieces on

my snoring solution

My Snoring Solution Review

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

This product is a huge band that was designed to support your jaw. It has a circular shape and its material is very flexible. You are supposed to wear it around your head while you are


Snore Stop Fast Tabs Review

Apr 20, 2015No Comments

SnoreStopFastTabsis a homeopathic combination made from several natural ingredients. It was designed in order to shrink the tissues of the breathing area: back of nose, throat and mouth. In case you did not know, snoring is