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NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator Review 2021


This product review was uptated on January 2021


This product is kind of an anti snoring tube that you have to place inside your nostrils while you sleep. It was designed to be worn internally.

It is made from medical grade silicon. Its design is really simplistic, it is just two little tubes that are connected by a band. It is a nice design because it is small and it does not have any protuberances at all.

Discreet Wearing

It looks like as if it has been made from one single piece of silicon, there is no change of pieces falling apart or breaking.

When using it, you will note that the only visible part will be the band connecting the two small tubes that will be inside of each of your nostrils.

In the official website of NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator, they claim the product is discreet and they do not lie about it. It is not easily noticed.

How Does This Product Works?

Nostrils are very flexible because they are made of cartilage. That is the reason why the nose plays an important role when we snore.

As time goes by and we age, this cartilage becomes even softer, so when we fall sleep and breathe deeply, this cartilage just collapses, the skin gets too close and snoring is produced. Some people are born with soft cartilage.

NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator works by keeping the cartilage of your nostrils tensioned preventing collapses and thus snoring. The size of nostrils may vary but you can find this product in four different sizes.

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Generally, the main law of anti-snoring products is the “one size fits all” law. It is nice to see a company that does not fall into this approach.

The tubes of silicon do prevent your nostrils from collapsing, but the main questions is, does NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator really prevent snoring?

Will It Help You With Your Snoring Issues?

This is not an easy question to answer, I personally find it very confusing. I read all the information they provide in their website, and to tell you the truth I felt a little frustrated. They only claim that NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator was design to keep your nostrils opened so people wearing this product will breathe more easily while they sleep on the their side.

The fact is that we all move while we sleep so I do not trust a solution that will only be effective if used when you sleep all night on your side. Besides, the problem is not the nostrils alone, when we sleep in a back position our tongue also collapses and block the airway producing snoring sounds. This is one of the commonest causes of snoring, not nostrils.

They acknowledge all this information in their website, you can check their FAQs section. Still their product will not help your tongue to fall back if you are sleeping on your back.

My advice is that if you really want to stop snoring you will find full effectiveness by using other anti snoring devices where you can sleep freely while your tongue is not blocking your airway.

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No Independent Tests performed

I think this particular issue is very important. Independent tests are the only way to know if a product was tested before being released into the market.

This product claims to be tested by doctors and ENT specialist but there is absolutely nothing supporting their claims. I do not believe the validity of a product that has not been tested. My suggestion for you is to look for a product that has been independently or clinically tested. I think it is not smart to spend money on a product that not even its manufacturer knows if it works because he did not want to spend money to test it.

Customer Service And Price

You will spend a little less than $30 and it comes in packages of two. It also comes with a carrying case.

Its lifespan is of 4 months, they say that if you take care of it as instructed, it is likely to last even more. They also offer a 30 days guarantee in case you are not satisfied with NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator, just have in mind that you will have to return the product and shipping costs are not refunded.


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If you know that the factor that makes you snore while you sleep is a soft cartilage, then you can totally try NasiVent Tube Nasal Dilator.

I would not use it if I were congested, and I would not use if I tossed and turned too much in bed either.

Itsprice is fair, it is not expensive, and although it was not tested at all, I think the use of this product is just keeping your nostrils tensioned, and you can do just that placing a piece of toilet tissue as well, so it probably works.

What Should I Do?

As I always say, you are the only one who knows the answer of that question. There are plenty of products that aim to stop snoring, so spend your money wisely and analyze all the points you think that are important.

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