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My Snoring Solution Review 2021


This product review was uptated on January 2021


This product is a huge band that was designed to support your jaw. It has a circular shape and its material is very flexible. You are supposed to wear it around your head while you are sleeping to prevent snoring.

In order to use it, you have to place your chin in the wider part of the elastic band and then stretch it out and position it to cover your whole head, you will see that there is a free area where your ears are supposed to be. Once you are wearing it and it is correctly positioned, your chin will be held so you will not able to open your mouth. Mouth breathers, refrain from My Snoring Solution.

This product was designed to prevent your mouth from hanging open while you sleep, because with your mouth shut there is no way snoring sounds can escape.

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Not Very Fashionable

If you look at a picture of someone using My Snoring Solution you will probably smile, models are peacefully sleeping while wearing a sort of torture mask. It does not look good. But pictures of anti-snoring devices are generally funny.

There is nothing glamorous about people snoring, so I do not know what I was expecting. Let’s discuss about effectiveness that it is what really matters.

Will My Snoring Solution Help Me To Stop Snoring?

I am not sure about this answer. There are products which effectiveness is guaranteed, but it is not the case of My Snoring Solution. It may help you, but it is not really likely to help you at all. It will only help you if the cause of you snoring is because of an open mouth.

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It has been independently tested so consumers will be back up with proven reassurance. You can see the results of the tests performed in My Snoring Solution official website and come to your own conclusion.

The truth is that there are many factors that may determine why you actually snore. Causes may be an open mouth, airway blockage, a congestive nose, among others. There are tests you can try in order to know the cause of your snoring problems, like trying to snore pulling your jaw forward, trying to snore with your mouth closed or trying to snore holding the tip of your tongue. In order to choose wisely, you need to know the causes.

Repositioning Of The Jaw

In the official website it says that it not only keeps your mouth closed but that it also repositions your jaw slightly forward, but there is really no way to know, we would have to buy it first.

It might be possible that My Snoring Solution design will help you to reposition your jaw thus unblocking part of your airway. But so does any regular mouth piece, which are more effective than this product.

I personally believe that this product was designed to give a solution to people that snore because of an open mouth.


Comfort is obviously very important, you will be sleeping when using it so if you want to sleep well all night you need to feel comfortable while wearing My Snoring Solution.

There are plenty of anti-snoring chin straps on the market, some of them are made with rough fabrics or are too big. Comparing all this kinds of products, My Snoring Solution is among the most comfortable chin straps to wear.

The fabric used to make My Snoring Solutionsis soft and flexible, so soreness is unlikely to happen at all.

It comes in three different sizes so comfort is easier to achieve by using a proper size than by using a one-size-fits-all product. This is an important feature to have in mind.

Pricemy snoring solution review

I find its price way too expensive compared with other anti-snoring devices. They have a special offer of two for $119 plus shipping and handling.  I think it is expensive because it is was designed to be used by a small group of people whose snoring issues are caused by only an open mouth and who are able to sleep only using their nose to breathe.



I really do not think that buying My Snore Solution is a smart way of spending my money, but it may behelpful to lessen snoring sounds of your particular case. For me its use would be only an experiment with poor snoring solution download

If you are not totally convinced, I suggest you to read my other reviews about mouth pieces. Oral appliances have a better track record regarding snoring issues.


What Should I Do?

I always say that there is no one better than you to answer that question. It is important to establish the causes of your snoring issues before buying a product. Once you determine the causes, you will know which product will be effective for you.

There are plenty of different anti-snoring products available on the market, so do not feel overwhelmed, there is a right product for each of us.

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