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Chin-up Strip Review 2021


This product review was uptated on January 2021


Chin-up strip was specifically designed to fully stop loud mouth snoring. This product is basically a patch that you will have to apply on your face from the chin up to your mouth. Yes. It is quite large but you can choose either side of your face.

Chin-up strip is a facial patch made from a stretchy material that will help you to hold your moth closed while you are sleeping.

It is not dangerous at all as it allows a little space so you can slightly open your mouth if you need to cough or anything during the sleeping hours.

Researches made

In the official Chin-up website, you will find two different independent studies that back up any claim.

Said studies involved the combination of the Chin-up strip with another anti-snoring product and both studies came out with excellent results regarding the lessening of snoring.

Chin-up strip used with a CPAP machine: For those who do not know, this machine is often used by those suffering from sleep apnea. This machine has a mask that needs to be placed over the nose and it delivers small quantities of pressurized air through the mask.

If the user of the CPAP machine is used to breathe through his mouth, the whole process becomes less effective because the air just leaks out through the open mouth. Leakage was proven to be highly diminished when using the Chin-up strip in combination with the CPAP machine.

Chin-Up Strip

Chin-up strip used with a nose strip: You probably know nose strips, they are small strips that you place in your nose in order to hold the nostrils. Some people have a soft cartilage in the nostrils and when they breathe deeply, this cartilage just collapses.

In order to prevent such collapses, people use nose trips, which in combination with the Chin-up strip they have proved to effectively diminish night time snoring in several participants of this study.

It is worth to highlight that the proven effectiveness of Chin-up strip always worked in combination with other products used to prevent snoring.


Chin-up strip is a quite large patch that needs to be used with another anti-snoring product, so you can imagine in advance that it might take you some time to get used to all these accessories on your face.

In the second scenario presented, you would be using the combination of two different patches. I just cannot imagine a conformable sleep when such a large area of your face is fully covered with two different kinds of patches.

Chin-up strips uses hypo-allergenic adhesives and materials. You will not wake up in the morning with any kind of skin reactions after using this product.  FDA has also approved that this product has no risks when using it, so these are two positive points regarding the Chin-up strip.
Chin-Up Strip opinion

Disposable product

This product was designed for one-time use only. Chin-up strip is considerably more inexpensive than plenty of other anti-snoring products, but remember that you will have to use it in combination with another product plus that you will need 365 Chin-up strips in a year.

Is it possible to use it without other anti-snoring products?

It actually depends on your snoring, but it was not designed to work on its own. For example, if you snore because your mouth opens while you are sleeping it is highly possible that snoring will be lessened by only using Chin-up strips.

Now, mouth snoring usually involves tongue and soft palate and there are no strips that may help you with that. So in the end you would have to try it in order to see if it works on its own for your particular case.


Chin-up strip was designed to have a higher positive effect used in combination with other anti-snoring products. It is more like an accessory, not a definitive solution.

It is really inexpensive so you will not lose anything just by trying, it is really worth it to try, especially if you are using some of the products that has been tested together with the Chin-up strips.

Chin-Up Strip download

What should I do?

Well, that depends on your case. You know yourself better than anyone so you are the only person that truly knows if Chin-up string is worth it to try.

There are a lot of similar products in the market of different materials, shapes and sizes, so you have to choose a solution according to your preferences.

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